The Shaker Cradle

The Shaker Cradle

$159.00 FREE SHIPPING! (Lower 48 states only)


***Please note: We are no longer selling the actual machine. We are now only selling the cradle that we fabricate to attach to the machine. You will need to purchase the machine separately. SEE LINK BELOW.***


Tired of shaking all of those shake-ups by hand? We were too! That's why we came up with this ingenious solution! We previously sold the entire machine here. However, we decided to make it easier on YOU and us by selling you the part we actually fabriate and letting you purchase the machine from the same supplier we have purchased from since we started selling the Shaker. Why? When you purchase the machine directly from the supplier, you can also purchase the 2-year protection plan. We highly recommend doing so! That way if you have any problems with the actual machine, you can get a replacement ASAP.  


Here is the link for the actual machine Bubble Boba Milk Tea Shaker Shaking Machine Mixer Auto Control Cream Stainless | eBay.

If this supplier happens to be out of stock, you can do a manual search on eBay for Bubble Boba Milk Tea Shaker.


The Shaker eliminates the hours of manual shaking you would normally endure and speeds up the shake-up process. While the drinks are shaking, you can exchange money with your customer allowing you to complete the sale immediately after The Shaker is finished! The Shaker can shake 2 drinks at once and is customized to fit the 32 oz. deli cups. Pair it with our Straw Hole Punch and expedite your lemonade shake-up process!!


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