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Straw Punch (2 Pack)

Straw Punch (2 Pack)

$40.00 FREE SHIPPING (to lower 48 states only)


We’ve been in the lemonade business for a long time and we are constantly trying to find ways to improve, simplify and speed-up the process of making a fresh and delicious product for our customers! The latest change we made was going from the crystal clear cups to a clear deli cup and it has made a world of difference! Our process is not only faster, it’s easier, cleaner and our customers love it! Why? We are able to smash, shake and serve all in one cup! No more smashing in the shaker cup, adding your liquid, screwing on the lid, shaking, unscrewing the lid, pouring into the serving cup, putting a lid on and then serving your customer….too much!! Not to mention, your knuckles get to hurting after screwing that lid on and off all day! Now, we smash, add sugar, ice, liquid, fruit and pop on the lid. Then we shake and punch a hole (or two) in the top of the lid and serve it to our customer! They love these cups!! So, how can you do this too? Order our new Straw Punch and some of these cups:


and lids:


You’ll be all set!


Check out our YouTube video here:


Please feel free to send us an email if you have any questions


Free shipping within the lower 48 states! Free shipping DOES NOT APPLY to Alaska, Hawaii and International locations.

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