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Flavor Station

Flavor Station

$399.00 FREE SHIPPING (to lower 48 states only)


Adding the Flavor Station to your current snow cone or shaved ice business will be a GAME CHANGER! We were so blown away by the success of it after adding it to our business, we decided everyone should have the opportunity to have one! So, it went into production!


KIDS LOVE SNOW CONES! KIDS WANT TO MAKE THEIR OWN! You may be thinking that the kids will make a mess, they will use too much syrup, you’ll need 30 different flavors, etc. but believe us, you don’t have anything to worry about. Our experience is this: the kids actually use a lot LESS syrup than we do, they don’t mind only having a few flavors and the parents are pretty good about helping the kids not make a mess.


Each Flavor Station holds 6 flavors. If you have more flavors, you can put a couple of Flavor Stations side-by-side. Another bonus: you can write your flavors on the station using dry erase markers and change them up each show if you want! Set-up and tear-down is simple.


Here’s the specs:

  • Made of solid cleanable PVC plastic with aluminum legs
  • Simple removable containers for easy transport and cleaning
  • Spigots can “NOT” be locked open (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Six 1.25 gallon containers 
  • Stands on the table (not off the side of the table)
  • Top removable cover to block direct sunlight
  • Rubber feet on legs to insure stability
  • Break down is by far the simplest on the market (remove top, slide out back board and the containers slide out..SIMPLE)
  • Refill containers without removing containers
  • Write flavors with erasable markers or print your own stickers
  • Fully built shipped to your door 
  • 22″L x 18″W x 22″ H   25 LBS  (9 1/2″  from bottom of spigot to the table)
  • Everything is included (jugs,stand,banner)


Check out our YouTube video here:


Please feel free to send us an email if you have any questions


Free shipping within the lower 48 states! Free shipping DOES NOT APPLY to Alaska, Hawaii and International locations.

  • Return Policy, etc.

    All sales are final.

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