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CO2 Regulator with 10' hose

CO2 Regulator with 10' hose

$119.00  FREE SHIPPING (to lower 48 states only)


This is how this works! When you purchase a CO2 regulator from us you will then have to buy or rent a 20lbs. CO2 tank. You can  get them locally at a welding supply store (example Airgas INC.) Sometimes it’s easier to rent the bottle locally and get it filled as needed as opposed to purchasing one  (It’s kinda like a helium bottle for birthday parties). Once you have your regulator and CO2 tank you will be able to hook the hose coming from the regulator to the smasher or T-Line ( if using two smashers). A 20lbs. CO2 tank will give you enough air to make over 1000 lemonades. The pros of using CO2 is that you will not need a compressor or electricity. Most shows charge for electricity hookups. The cons is that you will have to get your bottle filled between shows. You may want both a compressor and a CO2 setup. They both will give you the same performance. If you want to purchase a CO2 bottle you can check the price locally or google …”20lbs. CO2 bottle.” After you own it you can have it filled when needed. It may be a good idea to have two bottles. This way you can completely empty one bottle and then switch over to the other bottle.


Free shipping within the lower 48 states! Free shipping DOES NOT APPLY to Alaska, Hawaii and International locations.

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