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We Squeeze to Please!

Our concept is simple: provide a fresh and delicious product using high-quality ingredients in a festive, upbeat manner. We squeeze our lemons and make our lemon shake ups right in front of our customers so they know they are getting a fresh, homemade treat! The sight and sound of the Lemon Smasher along with the shaking action creates quite a show, even at the smallest event. People are instantly drawn to your set-up, the sight of a refreshing shake-up, and the appetizing aroma of fresh squeezed lemons entices even the most skeptical customer to try a glass!

Smashers & Wedgers Lemon Smasher, Wedger and Combo Unit in chrome.

The "Original" Smasher!


CO2 Regulator

CO2 Regulators to Straw Punches!


Custom and Pre-made banners available for your business. Large 3x10 feet size!

Custom Designs and Sizes Available!

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It is our goal to present the most helpful information that we can to you about this money-making opportunity so you can make an informed decision and get started right away.

But if you need more info, please use our online options to contact us with any questions you might have.

You can use the contact form to the right. We check our email throughout the day and will respond as soon as possible.

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